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The world's best-tasting hot sauce

Made with farm-fresh, noā€“bullsh!t ingredients.

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What's with the new look?

Glad you noticed. It's been a decade since Yellowbird beganā€”it was only a seed of an idea then. Across that time we've been hyper dedicated to hot sauce making and all of its woes and wonders. Finding the best farmers with the best clean ingredients, finding the right team members who take pride in their work, super important improvements to flavors and textures and testing of fun new ingredient pairings, loads of blood, sweat, tears, and working nearly 24/7 to ensure our products and our people are taken care.


After all those years of focus, we decided it was time to bring our whole personality out through our Yellowbird mascot. To truly lean into our weirdness and let the world know that, while we might take food nutrition very seriously, it's our goal to bring out the fun side of eating clean. And this new look for our Yellowbird mascot is exactly who we are.


Love it or hate it, this new Yellowbird is the embodiment of our whole teamā€”quirky, eccentric, sometimes a little dark, sometimes a little heady. It's okay to be all over the place. Frankly, we're a mess, but we're a happy, spicy mess.


If you're so inclined, please leave us a personal anecdote and let us know how you really, really feel about the new Bird.


Smooches ~ Erin & George, Co-founders & Partners


P.S. You will experience a mishmash of old and new packaging while we make this transition. Our sincerest apologies. We don't like to throw perfectly good materials out. It'll be over soon ;)