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“This all-natural spicy sauce is available at natural grocers like Whole Foods. The combo pack of the company’s serrano, jalapeño, and habanero sauces gives you a major bang for your buck.”
“My personal favorite is the serrano's vibrant and tangy. This brand prioritizes organic and ethically sourced ingredients, which directly aligns with my values.”
“Great on eggs, rice bowls and more, this top-rated hot sauce marries flavors of habanero, carrots and citrus with a spiciness level that’s just right.”
“These are my top four hot sauces... We've never had it on the show, but Yellowbird — which I believe is an Austin, TX hot sauce label. They have this squeeze bottle technology. The Habanero Yellowbird Hot Sauce...chef's kiss.”
“Austin’s Yellowbird Sauce has a spread of sauces from mild to hot, but their habanero, carrot, and citrus-y sauce is the perfect pairing for sweet and salty food.”
“Whether you’re dining in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or its headquarters of San Marcos, you’ll likely find a brightly colored bottle of Yellowbird on your table. The spunky hot sauces come in a variety of flavors and heat levels... (because you’re not getting a taste of Texas unless you burn the crap out of your tongue).”
“Yellowbird Sauces, a small-batch hot sauce company that got their start making a zesty habanero flavored sauce, carries two versions of sriracha — one sweetened with dates and raisins, the other infused with agave...Milton acknowledged, 'we are happy to offer a top shelf option for people who prioritize clean ingredients.”
“Yellowbird now has a portfolio of sauces to choose from, including a smoky ghost pepper sauce, the brand’s version of a sriracha made with red jalapenos and tangerine juice, and a green serrano pepper sauce. Additionally, more are slated for release — so keep your taste buds ready.”
“In the fifth spot, and this is tough … we’ve never had it on the show, but it’s amazing. It’s the Yellowbird company out of Austin, Texas, the Yellowbird Habanero. I had it at Tocaya, which is this Mexican joint in Los Angeles, and it was delicious.”
“Yellowbird's Blue Agave won the taste test. Our tasters also liked the Serrano but found it very tart; one person called it "the WarHeads of salsa.”
“When you're looking to add a little something to your favorite dish, turn to Yellowbird's Jalapeño Hot Sauce ($7). Made with red jalapeños and a variety of veggies, it's the perfect condiment for subtly spicing up almost anything.”
“Co-Founder and CEO, George Milton, sits down with KVUE to talk about our spicy condiments with spunky character. Available at HEB, Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprouts, and”
“The line between pleasure and pain is a fine one. Erin Link, co-founder of Yellowbird Foods, described the love of chile peppers as like an 'addiction,' and Crosby said the bearable pain caused by chiles is what makes the memory of the food linger.”
“...for me, Yellowbird hot sauce is the best. It's one hot sauce I reach for every day, for a variety of purposes.”
“My son and I use it almost daily, for breakfast with eggs or tofu, for lunch with vegetables, and tastes great with potato chips.' Users report ordering this sauce over and over again, with one even noting their biggest fear is it being discontinued.”
“If you're looking to spice up your life (and lunch), Yellowbird Sauce is where it's at. Blue Agave Sriracha...need we say more?”
“Packing Taste with Axel Brave is a Texas-sized podcast about anything and everything food. In the last foundingAustin issue, we featured an excerpt from Axel's interview with Yellowbird Foods founder George Milton.”
“I'm obsessed with Yellowbird hot sauce for all things, but especially for tacos and eggs. I have the habanero—which is perfectly not-kill-your-mouth hot—and blue agave sriracha in my fridge at all times, " says Elizabeth Sile, Real Simple features editor.”
“Give your new graduate a taste of the town wrapped into one mouthwatering basket. You could fill the whole thing with locally produced hot sauce alone — including Aztexan, Tears of Joy, Yellowbird, Kala's Kuisine, and other personal winners at the Chronicle's annual Hot Sauce Festival.”
“Three weeks later a package arrived, and sure enough, since I opened it and found a bottle of Yellowbird's habanero falvor, there's always been a bottle of it in my apartment since then. It's sort of a perfect all-purpose hot sauce for everything from tacos to marinating.”
“I love that Yellowbird has become a staple hot sauce offering at many Austin restaurants, alongside the typical Tabasco and Cholula. Yellowbird is another amazing brand that has a ghost pepper flavor, as well as habanero, serrano, jalapeño, and sriracha.”
“As for Hat Creek Burger Company, the eatery started small as an Austin food truck and now has opened more than nine locations in the Austin area in addition to its Austin airport site. Hat Creek’s menu includes specialty burgers such as the Sombrero with double-served pepper jack cheese, jalapeño, grilled onion, Yellowbird Hot Sauce…”
“Its Brunch time, George Milton of Yellowbird Foods is here to make mini quiches. For more information give them a call at (512) 838-3300 or check out either their website or social media!”
“But for a lingering reminder of how much your taste buds love the capsaicin found on every corner here, keep your eyes peeled for Yellowbird, another local hot sauce brand that sells a variety of hot sauces available at many grocers, in sizes ranging from small packets and 2-ounce samplers to 9-ounce bottles.”
“My name is Erin Link. I’m the co–founder and Chief Brand Officer at Yellowbird Foods. I believe what we put out into the world is what we get back — physically, mentally, emotionally. The grass is greener where you water it.”
“…that’s Yellowbird. Perfect anywhere, mind-blowing on a BLT: Drizzle on the pork before you bake (350 for 15 minutes), top with veggies, serve on crusty bread, and take comfort in the flame.”
“This super-citrusy habanero hot sauce is a little thicker than standard hot sauce—more akin to Sriracha. A kick of both tangerine and lime give it good backbone to stand against the heat. Plus, it’s a favorite of Epi staffer, Emily Johnson.”
“The size and design of these little packets remind you of the hot sauce you might get at a fast food restaurant, but they are filled with Yellowbird’s top notch hot sauce, which have no added sugars.”
“This all-natural hot sauce is great for those looking to minimize preservatives. Incidentally, it’s also great for those looking for an extra dose of bursting flavor and heat. Yellowbird Habanero prides itself on its range of flavors.”
“Yellowbird offers the freshest tasting hot sauces you will find. They are more reminiscent to a salsa than a hot sauce which gives it a more fresh flavor compared to the more processed hot sauces that are primarily composed of vinegar and peppers.”
“Another brand worth stocking in your cupboard: Yellowbird Jalapeño Condiment. This sauce had a strong garlic flavor with a nice, lingering heat… Yellowbird’s hot sauce also had a unique consistency—definitely more of a condiment-style (think Sriracha or ketchup) than a traditional hot sauce.”
“Yellowbird hot sauce isn’t just another spicy garnish — each dollop houses a number of flavors that go well beyond just heat… A beloved cult favorite made with quality ingredients in central Texas, Yellowbird seems to have some big ambitions.”
“Hot sauce is always the answer. This bottle (and cap!) works for backpacking, travel, or spicing up camp meals. …it’s great on everything from scrambled eggs to cold cut sandwiches. A perfect camping stocking stuffer if we ever saw one.”
“Yellowbird’s hot sauces are my favorite in my hot sauce arsenal (which is pretty massive). Their Habanero packs a spicy punch and is also a little sweet and citrusy—incredibly fresh tasting.”
“Recommended by Southern Kitchen Online Buyer Josh Conner, Yellowbird hot sauce was more sriracha-like than your standard hot sauce. It also tasted like the rooster sauce… It also had a smokiness that added to its appeal.”
“It didn’t take long for Yellowbird Foods to make a sizable impact on the hot sauce industry. For this edition of What’s in Store, we traveled to Yellowbird’s San Marcos, Texas, production warehouse where co-founder Erin Link broke down how the team uses multi-user accounts to get work done without wasting time.”
“A good balance of sweet and heat, this Asian-style sauce gets its flavor from red chilies, garlic, and vinegar. It’s not a scorcher, so try it on an Asian-inspired omelet.”
“It's (Yellowbird Sauce) great on pizza, pasta, even sushi.”
“This “all-natural” sauce out of Austin launched in 2013 but has already garnered a serious following. Habaneros are the third ingredient, preceded by the carrots and onions which no doubt give Yellowbird its tangerine color (the tangerine juice concentrate might help too).”
“…they’ve since expanded their line to include chiles of varying heat, from jalapeño to ghost pepper. They’re all great but the Sriracha, which is sweetened with blue agave, is something truly special. It’ll reignite your desire to top everything you eat with the sauce.”
“These squeeze-bottle thick, Sriracha-style sauces are made with bright, bold citrus juice instead of vinegar so their taste delivers all the heat with none of the twang. We like them so much that we gave them one of our Southern Living Food Awards in 2015.”
“A brighter, less astringent hot sauce that uses citrus juice as the backdrop for fiery peppers in its three different varieties. This bottle has become our main squeeze.”
“This upstart habanero condiment’s heat outmatches Sriracha and is quickly making its way into the fridges of spice-loving Austinites.”
“Since its launch in 2013 in Austin, TX, Yellowbird has become a staple in the fridges of spice-hungry Austinites. It’s made with carrots, onions, habaneros, and a slew of all-natural spices, giving it a complexity that the cock can’t touch.”
“Since its launch in 2013 in Austin, TX, Yellowbird has become a staple in the fridges of spice-hungry Austinites. It’s made with carrots, onions, habaneros, and a slew of all-natural spices, giving it a complexity that the cock can’t touch.”
“I think the only other thing I’ve had that has started to creep onto my breakfast table is this Yellowbird habanero sauce my brother sent me from Austin, Texas.”
“These are powered by different peppers, so it isn’t exactly apples to apples (it’s like red jalapeños to habaneros!), but despite the stoicism of Sriracha’s pure chili sauce flavors, the new bird in town is way more complex.”
“We're hot for the irreverent look and taste of this spicy condiment from Austin, Texas. Tangerine and carrot tame the so-good”