Yellowbird Classic Serrano Potato Salad Recipe
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Classic Serrano Potato Salad

When there’s a picnic potluck on the calendar and you want to show up with a dish that’s totally normal, but extra.

Pair your appearance at the picnic party with this spicy-meets-creamy potato salad. The combination of fresh dill, grainy mustard, and picklish Serrano heat will make you and your Yellowbird Classic Serrano Potato Salad the potluck heroes.

Prep Time: 10 min

Cook Time: 22 min

Servings: 8-12


  • 10 yukon gold potatoes
  • 4 large eggs
  • ½ C. mayonnaise
  • ½ C. Yellowbird Serrano Hot Sauce
  • 3 Tablespoons dijon mustard
  • ½ C. + 2 Tablespoons kosher salt
  • ½ medium red onion, diced into ¼” pieces
  • 3 celery stalks, sliced ¼” thick
  • fresh dill, hand-torn, for garnish



  1. Add the potatoes and ½ cup of salt to a large pot with 3 quarts of water and bring to a boil; cook until fork-tender, about 18–22 minutes. Drain water from pot and allow potatoes to cool.

  2. Meanwhile, carefully add eggs to a medium saucepan of boiling water and cook, maintaining a gentle boil, for 10 minutes. Transfer eggs to a bowl of ice water and allow to cool until slightly warm, about 2 minutes.

  3. Once cool, crack and remove the shells and save for composting. Cut eggs in half. Place the yolks in a large mixing bowl. Coarsely chop egg whites and set aside. 


  4. In the large mixing bowl with egg yolks, add mayonnaise, Yellowbird Serrano Hot Sauce, mustard, and 2 tablespoons salt. Fold together until combined. In the same bowl, add the chopped onion, celery, and egg whites. Fold together until combined.


  5. Once the potatoes have cooled, remove skins (optional), chop into ½” pieces and place in a separate large mixing bowl. Add the creamy serrano dressing to potatoes and gently fold everything together until combined. Cover and chill at least one hour before serving—lasts up to 3 days.


  6. Spoon salad into bowl, sprinkle with fresh dill, and drizzle with more Yellowbird Serrano Hot Sauce.  


  7. Serve and savor.